I specialise in branding and design for digital platforms, with a playful and imaginative approach to my work. I can bring your brand to life using cleverly thought out design, typography and motion graphics.

🧠 My Design Philosophy
I aim to create a beautiful space around myself and other people through graphic design, as I believe it is art that is more accessible and all around us, rather than stuck in a gallery.

⭐ How Can I Help You?
I like to think my work through to find the most appropriate design solution for the client and the target audience. I do all this whilst creating design that is exciting and eye-catching.

🌈 Some Things I Love
Moving Images, rainbow colours and lifting weights.

🖤 Some Things I Don't Love
I have an irrational fear of buttons and barges.

📩 Don't Be a Stranger
Email jakemjporter@outlook.com
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What can I offer?


Conventional graphic design tasks from social media posts, logos, web design, banners, flyers etc. Whatever you need, I'm eager to make it look amazing.



I specialise in creating branding and visual identities that are fun and flexible. They live and breathe through more than just a logo and a typeface.



Designs come to life through movement. I use Adobe After Effects to animate logos, create videos and create content that will captivate your audience